What can we learn from a Sri Lankan ayurvedic practitioner? Why are colon cancer rates so low in Uganda?  What is unique about blue zones where a surprising higher number than average citizens live to be centenarians?  

We now live in a globalized society. With the Internet, social networking and other media outlets, the world is literally at our fingertips.  As Americans are increasingly more focused on holistic health practices, health is now globalized as well.Our blog examines what we can learn from the rest of the world to improve our health. . We will examine supporting evidence (or lack of evidence) through review of existing literature and interviews with experts both locally and worldwide.  Come explore the world with us!



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Oh my aching bones!

Most people will  experience joint pain at some point in life.  Did you know that Dead Sea minerals may offer healing benefits for arthritis as well as many skin condtions?  These minerals have been used for their health benefits dating back to biblical times. Although you may have to take a pretty long flight into Jordan […]

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