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Need an excuse for a spa day? Here’s one!

Who really needs to be convinced to get a massage, right?   It’s a luxury that we don’t treat ourselves to often enough. In case you need an excuse, massage-particularly the Thai variety-has actually been proven to have physical benefits. Thai massage, formally known as nuat thai, iis thought to have originated at Wat Pho, […]

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Siberian Ginseng: Russia’s Olympic Secret

Russia has always been a leader in Olympic performance. With 23 medals and counting so far this year,  Russian Olympic athletes have a reputation for endurance. Russia has also taken the spotlight, although often negative, as the host of this year’s Winter Olympics held in Sochi.  So given the Olympics and all of its news-both […]

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What are YOU afraid of?

Spiders, clowns, heights, flying? What are YOU afraid of? About 1 out of every 10 Americans have had a phobia of some type. Having fear is a natural response of our brain that evolved in order for us to survive. After all, if we didn’t have fear, we could get into all types of trouble. […]

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Oh my aching bones!

Most people will  experience joint pain at some point in life.  Did you know that Dead Sea minerals may offer healing benefits for arthritis as well as many skin condtions?  These minerals have been used for their health benefits dating back to biblical times. Although you may have to take a pretty long flight into Jordan […]

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