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Would Miss America Win A Beauty Pageant in Mauritania? Challenging Western Ideals of Beauty Last night Ms. Kira Kazantsev became the 88th Miss America.  Congratulations to her and the State of New York.  Interestingly I ask, would our ideals of beauty stand up in other countries among other cultures? To answer that question let’s take a look back over time and across the globe. The Miss America […]

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And the Oscar Goes to….Healthy Tidbits from Countries Featured in the Academy Awards

The Oscars are here! Grab some popcorn and see your favorite movies and actors compete to be the best.  In honor of the Oscars we present healthy tidbits from the countries featured in the movies nominated for the Best Foreign Film Category. Film: Omar Region: Palestine Oscars Synopsis: “When a trio of young Palestinians decides […]

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The Science of the Spanish Siesta

Ever wonder why shops in Spain are closed in the middle of the day?  Its known as a siesta, and guess what? Its good for you!   A siesta is a midday nap. The word is derived from the Latin term hora sexta meaning the “6th hour from sunrise.”   The siesta initially evolved to help […]

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Long Live Our Grandfathers!

Where do men live longer? Sardinia, Italy, where there are a higher proportion of people living to be 100 than the average population. In particular, Sardinia has a higher proportion of men who live to be 100 (termed centenarians) as compared to the rest of the world. While in most places only about 12-20% of centenarians are […]

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