Seven Places to Go if You’ve Got the Valentine’s Day Blues



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Want a change from all of the Valentine’s commercials, flowers and chocolates?  Want to get away to escape the massive bombardment of lace, love songs and cupid’s arrows? Check out these countries with unique Valentine’s Day traditions that may be more suitable to your taste!

1)  Where to Go If You’re A Guy and Want to Get All of the Gifts 

Giving Heart

In Japan, the tradition is for women to buy chocolates for men on February 14th. A month later, on March 14th  the man reciprocates with a gift to the woman, on what is known as “White Day”. Women will give very special, often homemade, gifts of chocolate to someone they love but more generic store bought gifts for co-workers.

 2) Where to go to Celebrate Being Single

You will have to wait two months but in Korea, on April 14th, people celebrate Black Day. On this day, unpaired women and men get together to eat black noodles (white noodles with black sauce) in honor of their single status.  On actual Valentine’s Day, South Korea has a tradition similar to Japan’s, where women give chocolate gifts to men on February 14th and men give gifts to women a month later.

3) Where to go Visit With Your BFF


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In Finland and Estonia, Valentine’s Day is known as Friends Day. In these two countries, people give cards and gifts to their pals to celebrate friendship rather than romantic love.

4) Where to Go Where One Rose is Better than a Dozen

In Taiwan, they celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th and July 7th.  Men buy roses and the number has great significance. One rose is an only love. Eleven roses means a favorite, 99 roses mean forever and 108 roses mean marriage.

5) Where to Go to Meet a New Mate

Throw Your Name in the Hat

Scotland celebrates Valentine’s Day with a festival in which men and women write their names on pieces of paper placed in two hats, one for each gender. Men pick a name from the female hat and vice versa.  Usually the names will not match, so the man will dance with the female whose name he picked.

6) Where to Go If You Want Help with A Crush

In Brazil they celebrate their equivalent of Valentine’s Day (Dia dos Namorados) on June 12th.  On the night before the day, women write the names of any crushes on folded pieces of paper. The next day, they pick one of the names and that is the one they will pursue, and hopefully marry.

7) Where to go to Burn a Few Calories (Instead of Putting them On with Candy)

iStock_000006883395SmallIn Slovenia, St. Valentine is believed to be the saint associated with Spring.  On February 14th,  it is thought that he awakens plants to start their growth for the upcoming season. So what other way to celebrate the day than going to work in the vineyards, right?   For lovers, fortunately, they get a more romantic day on March 12h, on St. Gregory’s day.




2 Responses to Seven Places to Go if You’ve Got the Valentine’s Day Blues

  1. Yvette February 10, 2014 at 8:46 pm #

    Enjoyed your article. I guess I’ll head to Scotland to meet a new mate!

    • jcblancha February 10, 2014 at 8:54 pm #

      Thanks Yvette for reading the post. Apparently if you go to Scotland and you pick the same name 3 times in a row it is a good sign of a lasting relationship!

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