Mouthwatering Recipe Ideas from Around the Globe for a Healthier Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is here!  On this day, Americans will eat over 1.25 billion chicken wings and eat the most food ever during the year, second only to Thanksgiving.

Whether you are a fan of the Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos (or neither), one of the best things about Superbowl parties is the food! Here are ten mouthwatering recipe ideas from around the globe that offer a healthier option to our traditional Superbowl Sunday fare!

1. Chicken wings


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We have to start with the most popular Super Bowl food-chicken wings!   A variation on the football favorite of the good old United States of America, baking chicken wings and adding a little turmeric makes it healthier on the heart and adds in the preventive powers of one of out favorite spices.

2.  Guacamole and tostones (plaintains)


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Here is a nice twist on guacamole, which originated from the Aztecs in Mexico in the 16th century. While guacamole is relatively healthy, the chips we like to use to dip in the guacamole can pile on calories fast. Consider replacing the chips with plaintains lighly fried in coconut oil for a healthier option.

3. Sweet Potato Fries


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Did you know that sweet potatoes originated in Central and South America? Thankfully we were introduced to this delicious vegetable and voila sweet potato fries were born! This oven baked sweet potato fries recipe with smoke paprika is a great alternative and just as irresistible.

4. Onion Rings 

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 Another United States originated dish,  if you like onion rings, baking them offers a healthier alternative to  your traditional fried fare.

 5. Roasted eggplant and feta dip 


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If you like dips, here is a healthy Greek influenced recipe option using roasted eggplants and feta cheese.  It has a  kick to it that will keep your guests coming back for more.

6. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies  

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We can’t have superbowl goodies without something sweet!  The first chocolate chip cookie was thought to have been made in a kitchen by accident by Ruth Graves Whitfield (owner of the Tollhouse Inn Massachusetts), and what a great mistake it was!  Try these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies as a variation to this traditional favorite, which uses pumpkin and coconut oil to add moistness instead of butter, to satisfy your sweet tooth!

7.  Chicken Chili 


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Chili is always a tasty addition on a cold Superbowl Sunday. Originating from Texas, some say the first chili dish was made after a mystical Spanish nun taught Native Americans how to make this flavorful treat.  Try this chicken version of chili for a lower calorie pleasing alternative.

 8. Maca Balls


Of course we have to include something with one of our favorite superfoods from Peru-maca! For a sweet boost of energy to help you cheer on your favorite team try these easy to make maca energy balls!

9. White Bean Dip 


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This dip made from the garbanzo bean, which originated in the Mediterranean and Middle East, is pretty easy to make.  Plus it provides lots of fiber, protein and other essential nutrients to boot.,,10000001918604,00.html

10. Jalapeno Poppers 


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Jalapeno poppers are another good Superbowl Sunday option, using this delicious pepper that originated in Mexico.  Baking instead of frying, and using low fat cheese, can help keep the taste while cutting calories.

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