Would Miss America Win A Beauty Pageant in Mauritania? Challenging Western Ideals of Beauty

  http://www.flickr.com/photos/21856521@N07/4830007586/sizes/o/ Last night Ms. Kira Kazantsev became the 88th Miss America.  Congratulations to her and the State of New York.  Interestingly I ask, would our ideals of beauty stand up in other countries among other cultures? To answer that question let’s take a look back over time and across the globe. The Miss America […]

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Need an excuse for a spa day? Here’s one!

Who really needs to be convinced to get a massage, right?   It’s a luxury that we don’t treat ourselves to often enough. In case you need an excuse, massage-particularly the Thai variety-has actually been proven to have physical benefits. Thai massage, formally known as nuat thai, iis thought to have originated at Wat Pho, […]

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The Tale of the Cow

Traffic jams are an annoying part of daily life.  We most commonly think of cars as the culprit, but in India a different large moving object often stalls the road- the cow! It turns out these animals are sacred for both religious and health purposes. I have been on a bit of a hiatus from […]

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Women Who Are Changing the World: International Women’s Day March 8

March 8th is International Women’s Day.  It is part of the larger celebration of Women’s History month,  a time to highlight the many magnificent things women have contributed to our society. International Women’s Day dates back to 1911.  It wasn’t until almost 70 years later in 1980 that President Carter acknowledged  women’s contributions were much […]

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And the Oscar Goes to….Healthy Tidbits from Countries Featured in the Academy Awards

The Oscars are here! Grab some popcorn and see your favorite movies and actors compete to be the best.  In honor of the Oscars we present healthy tidbits from the countries featured in the movies nominated for the Best Foreign Film Category. Film: Omar Region: Palestine Oscars Synopsis: “When a trio of young Palestinians decides […]

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Siberian Ginseng: Russia’s Olympic Secret

Russia has always been a leader in Olympic performance. With 23 medals and counting so far this year,  Russian Olympic athletes have a reputation for endurance. Russia has also taken the spotlight, although often negative, as the host of this year’s Winter Olympics held in Sochi.  So given the Olympics and all of its news-both […]

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